Sustainability is the future. At AURORA we therefore do business and produce in a sustainable way and devise novel sustainability concepts for our clients. In this context, protecting the environment and conserving resources represents an economic benefit – for our customers just as much as for us. AURORA’s re-granulate and re-compounds match the quality standards of newly manufactured goods, but offer a significant advantage when it comes to price. And the best thing is that later generations also profit from sustainable production.

Our claim

We achieve the best product quality with a saving of at least 2 kilogrammes of CO2 per kilo of recycled material generated, and guarantee delivery capability throughout the product cycle. We also minimise the need for supplementary logistics services and additional packaging materials.

Environmental guidelines

It’s one thing to think about sustainability as an abstract idea, quite another to genuinely act in a sustainable way. That’s why at AURORA we’ve devised a set of environment-related guidelines and outlined them in an environmental management system. The guidelines represent a set of binding instructions for all the AURORA staff.

Energy guidelines

When it comes to processing our products, a high energy use is needed to provide the best quality. As a company that takes its responsibilities seriously, we therefore strive for energy efficiency and sustainable reductions in energy consumption.

Code of Ethics

For every firm in the MOL group of companies, a code of ethical behaviour is an everyday practical reality – and also when we deal with our partners. That’s why we’ve drawn up a Code of Ethics that applies to the MOL Group and to our partner businesses; this sets out how to work together in an ethical way.


Our company adheres to the stipulations set out in the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 5001. AURORA is also certified as an official waste management facility. These certifications reflect how conscious we are of quality, and form an essential part of our quality assurance system.
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