The “lean logistics” system

The “lean logistics” system

AURORA’s “lean logistics” system optimises the gathering of sorted waste products from industrial processes directly at the site of the manufacturer’s own machines and facilities, in customised packaging that AURORA provides for the purpose. The boxes are tailored to the respective products (plastic cases or lattice boxes in a variety of sizes). When it comes to especially large volumes of material, we make available an extra-large semi-trailer, free of charge.
Our qualified experts promote awareness among your staff of the sustainable way in which the recyclable materials are used for further production, and train your personnel in how to sort, separate and label waste products, all in order to obtain the best prices for you. Regular quality assurance audits of your operation are also conducted.
AURORA transports the sorted waste materials to the milling plants in our own dedicated fleet of vehicles. We operate across three centres, to keep the distances between our customers and suppliers as short as possible. Upon arrival at the site, the materials are thoroughly inspected by specially trained professionals who check for impurities or mixing of materials. High-performance crushing and shredding mills extract dust and detect metals, separating the valuable plastics from metal-containing fragments, material with dual components or different colours, and similar waste parts.

After this thorough inspection, in a first step the plastic residues are ground down. After this, we process the milled material into top-quality re-granulates and re-compounds with the same standard of quality as freshly manufactured products. For this we utilise five compounding machines with the most modern dosing systems and drying technology.

Subject to requirements, we process your collected plastic waste for a fee or we buy the plastic off you for selling on. In each case we collaborate in ensuring a reduction in CO2 emissions and a saving on the use of crude oil – that comes to a saving of at least 2 kilogrammes of CO2 per kilo of recycled material and 1.3 litres less crude oil used when compared to the manufacture of brand-new goods.
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