Environmental guidelines

Environmental guidelines

In the context of economic and market-specific conditions, our business dealings are based on the following principles:

  • an understanding of the requirements and expectations of our circle of stakeholders
  • establishing, steering and monitoring of the context in which we operate
  • determining the risks and opportunities generated by our processes
  • environmental protection as an operating principle of our business
  • minimising and avoiding environmental damage
  • compliance with the appropriate legal frameworks, stipulations and statutory regulations and requirements that apply to us
  • fostering awareness among our staff of the need to act responsibly
  • transparency of information and accountability in our public-facing role

As a consequence of these principles, we commit ourselves to:

  • continual improvement of our operations in ways that protect the environment through specifying on a regular basis environment-oriented goals, programmes and measures as well as monitoring their implementation and reviewing their ongoing progress
  • use of natural resources and promotion of the circular economy
  • developing environmentally friendly processes and procedures in the context of a constantly evolving knowledge base relating to environmental and technological conditions
  • effective use of energy and a reduction in consumption, waste and emissions
  • fostering awareness among our staff of issues relating to quality, safety and the environment by maintaining a common knowledge base through measures relating to information and training
  • promoting information exchange and open dialogue with our circle of stakeholders, the neighbourhood, the authorities and our clients
  • actively integrating our contractual partners in the provisions of our certified environmental management system (the ISO 14001-certified “Umweltmanagement System”)
  • taking measures to address risks and opportunities generated by our processes
We’ve described how we operate, as laid out in the principles above, in a documented environmental management system, and this represents a set of binding instructions for all our company’s staff and management. Regular auditing lays the foundation for the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of the management system we’ve established.
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