Energy guidelines

Energy guidelines

Ecological, economic and social responsibility is the outcome of the way we use energy. To fulfil this responsibility, we strive for a sustainable reduction in energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency and thereby reducing negative impacts on the environment arising from high energy use.

Against this backdrop, the following aims are fundamental for us:

  • continual improvement in our energy-related performance
  • long-term reduction in specific kinds of energy consumption
  • continual improvement in the energy efficiency of processes and operations
  • reduction in environmentally damaging impacts resulting from energy consumption
  • fostering energy-saving awareness among staff at all operational levels

To achieve these goals, we ensure that:

  • a certified energy management system (DIN EN ISO 50001) is rolled out, documented, maintained and further enhanced, also implementing the certificate’s revised set of norms (50001: 2018)
  • all AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH staff members are actively integrated into the energy management system
  • continual monitoring and evaluation of energy flows within the company’s operations takes place
  • for the continual improvement of our energy-related performance, strategic and operational goals governing energy use are defined and programmes to implement these are updated
  • information, including data relating to financial and personnel resources, should generally be made available when necessary for achieving strategic and operational goals governing energy use
  • considerations of energy efficiency should be taken into account in future when it comes to sourcing and acquisition of new facilities, spare parts, good and services
  • all relevant regulations and other obligations arising from AURORA Kunststoff GmbH’s work that relate to energy-related performance are adhered to
  • awareness about energy use is fostered among all staff and colleagues by means of regular training and continuing-education opportunities
We’re committed to working, on the basis of the energy management system we’ve introduced, towards the objectives outlined in the energy policy, and we’re implementing them in a resolute and targeted way.
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