About us

About us

AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH was founded in 2009. The company’s headquarters are at Neuenstein in Baden-Württemberg. AURORA’s business model involves the sustainable manufacture of specially engineered ground or milled materials, re-granulate and re-compounds out of plastic waste, as well as solutions for new concepts of sustainability. AURORA has since 2019 been part of the internationally operating and stock market-listed MOL group of companies.
During the manufacture of plastic parts, around 5% is lost to waste. We purchase this waste material and turn it into a new, high-quality raw material, thereby helping the environment and conserving resources. This recycled material is of the same standard as goods produced from non-recycled material and is either returned to the original customer for a commission or is sold on to other clients operating in the plastics-processing sector.
AURORA covers the entire value-creation chain and works exclusively in partnership with certified suppliers. Combined with its own “lean logistics” system, the firm produces re-granulate and re-compounds of a consistently high quality.

To transform the ideas around sustainability into a practical reality, AURORA has drawn up a binding set of guidelines for its partners and colleagues relating both to the environment and to energy use. You can find these on our “Sustainability” page on this site.

Production sites

The company’s main facility – with a compounding plant and a milling operations site as well as management, logistics and administration offices for milled goods – is at Neuenstein in Baden-Württemberg. AURORA runs two other milling centres in its cluster of plastic waste-processing operations – at Walldürn since 2012 and at Villingen-Schwenningen since 2014.

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MOL Group

AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH has from 2019 been part of the MOL group of companies (MOL Gruppe), an integrated oil, gas and chemicals concern headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.


Our company adheres to the stipulations set out in the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 5001. AURORA is also certified as an official waste management facility. These certifications reflect how conscious we are of quality, and form an essential part of our quality assurance system.
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