tonnes of CO2 saved

tonnes of crude oil saved
By processing production residues and returning them to the reusable materials cycle, we reduce CO2 emissions and crude oil use. Here you can see how much we saved in 2022.
The Aurora Kunststoffe company is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality technical re-compounds on a sustainable basis. Our work is informed by the AURORA Principle and promotes the circular economy. This is our contribution to the generations of tomorrow.

The AURORA Principle

By combining our strategic strengths and operating by conviction in a sustainable way, we create crucial added value for our customers and suppliers, as well as for the environment. We call this integrating and intermeshing of our core competencies the "The AURORA Principle" – this is our business philosophy.






Sustainability is part of our DNA. And our customers value this. Because our integrated and sustainable activities start where your production chain ends: with the residues of production. AURORA purchases your pre-sorted moulding or casting sprues, defective parts or other waste and rejects, processes them and reintroduces them into the reusable materials cycle – either for your own enterprise or onto the wider market.


When we talk about quality, we don’t just mean the high quality of our products – of the same standard as brand-new goods. Reliability of deadlines and delivery, compliance with statutory and technical requirements as well as adherence to health and safety regulations are crucial pillars of the AURORA concept of quality.


Our consideration of sustainability is a common thread throughout our company. With the production of top-quality re-compounds, AURORA saves on CO2 emissions and on crude oil use. In our firm we also put in place stringent guidelines governing environmental impact and energy use. Our goal is to conserve as many resources as we possibly can.


To optimise the recycling of synthetic materials, AURORA has developed a “lean logistics” system. This enables a pre-sorted collecting of the residues from industrial processes at the sites where these are produced. The foundation of our exceptional product quality is based on our patent-pending packaging system, staff training and box transportation using our own dedicated fleet of vehicles.

Application examples

How about a state of the art office chair? Our parts for office chairs, made from AUROmid® PA 6 HGF35, have really become a trend. If you’d like to learn more about potential areas of application in various industry sectors, please feel free to get in touch!

Contact persons

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