Sectors & Solutions

Sectors & Solutions

AURORA’s re-granulate and re-compounds match the quality of brand-new goods – but with the added bonus that our recycled products contribute to conserving resources and keeping down CO2 emissions. This what’s convinced so many of the most important industry sectors in

Vehicle manufacture

From bumpers to seat covers to door handles, AURORA’s recycled materials have a wealth of uses and applications in the car industry. Our in-house R&D hub plays a major part in satisfying the stringent quality requirements of the vehicle-manufacturing sector while guaranteeing timely and reliable delivery for all our clients.

Building and construction

From cable ties to anti-moisture screens for windows, toolboxes to underfloor-heating pipes, AURORA’s recycled material has a huge and varied range of uses. Among notable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we’re one of the top sellers – and the teams at our very own research and development lab are constantly working on fresh solutions for you.

Industrial and consumer goods

From office-chair components to casings for lighters and toe- and ankle-strap bindings for snowboards, AURORA’s recycled products help people shape their daily lives, whether for leisure or for work. Sustainably, safely and with style.

Electrical and electronic

For those crucial needs in every household – whether wireless routers or wall sockets, hardware such as motherboard components or plugs and connectors for electric-vehicle recharging stations – we provide an array of solutions that meet the complex and challenging needs of the E & E sector.

Application examples

How about a state of the art office chair? Our parts for office chairs, made AUROmid® PA 6 HGF35, have really become a trend. If you’d like to learn more about potential areas of application in various industry sectors, please feel free to get in touch!
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