The value-creation chain

The value-creation chain

At AURORA, creating value from the recyclable-resources chain begins where industrial processes finish – with the waste generated by the production of synthetic materials. We purchase sprues, defective parts and other rejected materials in order to sustainably repurpose them as recycled material. We therefore focus strongly on pre-sorted waste materials generated by production processes to safeguard the consistently high standard of our re-granulate and re-compounds.
Because we encompass the entire value-creation chain, not only do we exercise the strictest control over our products’ quality, we can also guarantee and actively manage our sustainability aspirations during every step of production.
We collect production waste from our suppliers by means of our dedicated fleet of vehicles. For this we use a patented packaging system that ensures an optimal pre-sorted collection of synthetic production waste. To bring new suppliers on board with our “lean logistics” system, we run on-site staff training sessions carried out by qualified specialists.

After the incoming goods have been inspected, the thermoplastic synthetic materials are ground down in one of our three milling centres before undergoing further processing into re-granulates and re-compounds at our main site in Neuenstein. We also have our logistics hub at Neuenstein. From here we transport the recycled material either to those clients which are at the same time our suppliers, or we introduce this material into the wider market.

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