Contract services

Contract services

Straightforward remuneration

A simple model that’s both sustainable and totally in accordance with the circular economy idea. You supply us with the sorted materials that remain from your production processes. We recompense you for this waste and return the processed plastics to the market’s reusable materials cycle as milled product, re-granulate or re-compound. The upside for you: you don’t need to do anything further, you save on your energy costs and receive a fair payment for your engineered plastic waste.
Contract services are a valued priority at AURORA. They breathe life into our AURORA Principle – directly to you on your own premises.

Customised processing

When it comes to fee-based customised processing, the supplier and the customer are one and the same, because the treated recycled material from your plastic waste is channelled further into your company’s production process. This represents an especially cost-effective saving in your added-value cycle: you avoid disposal costs and, by reusing materials, save precious resources and minimise CO2 emissions. On top of this, you can be assured that the recycled material is of the same standard as brand-new goods.
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