The AURORA quality commitment

The AURORA quality commitment

Our definition of quality doesn’t just encompass the standards governing our company’s products but also adherence to dates and deadlines, as well as to technical specifications and compliance with workplace regulations.

The principal objectives we’re pursuing in this context are:

  • determining, steering and monitoring of our work-related settings
  • consideration of risks and opportunities that our processes generate
  • error-free delivery of our products for the customers and their production processes
  • absolute dedication to our clients’ requirements: our customers provide the yardstick for quality; how they judge our products is the decisive criterion
  • understanding of the demands and expectations of our circle of stakeholders
  • each operation and every job must satisfy the requirements of our quality policy
  • quality awareness can only be driven forward through a continual process of improvement and by the ideas of our staff and colleagues
  • every staff member bears responsibility for his or her work and has to fulfil this conscientiously and flawlessly
  • business success calls for engaged and motivated staff – that’s why were constantly insisting on and encouraging this

To attain these goals, we ensure that

  • a quality management system, in compliance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, is introduced, documented and maintained
  • all responsible AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH staff members are actively involved in the quality management system
  • appropriate parameters governing quality are developed in order to illustrate improvements in quality and to devise further measures as a result of these
  • quality goals to be discussed and agreed upon and these should be reached
  • data, financial and personnel resources necessary for attaining the quality goals should be made sufficiently available
  • actions and measures should be taken as a consequence of the risks and opportunities our processes generate
We stand for the objectives formulated in the quality policy on the basis of the quality management system we’ve introduced, and we put these into practice consistently and with purpose.
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